Pump Stations

Pump stations are a critical link in all water and wastewater networks.  The FB Contracting management team is experienced in the construction and rehabilitation of water and wastewater pump stations.  Our crews self-perform the civil and mechanical works.  And, where we don’t have the specialised capabilities in-house, we call on our network of specialised subcontractors.

Pump station capabilities:

  • Wet/Dry well construction – pre-cast or cast insitu (including caisson technique)
  • Valve chambers
  • Pumps
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical and telemetry
  • Overflow storage chambers
  • Rectification of corroded surface rectification
  • Epoxy and PE linings
  • Wet well washers
  • RPZ arrangements
  • Associated civil works
1a - Pump
2a - Pumo