Treatment Plants

FB Contracting has civil construction capabilities stretching across urban land developments and government infrastructure projects.  The types of organisation we carry out these works for includes government bodies and major contractors as well as developers.

In the timely delivery of these works, we call on our in-house expertise as well as engaging necessary specialist subcontractors.

Keeping neighbours and locals happy with the visual amenity of infrastructure projects is an integral part of how FB Contractors operate.  We know how to apply pleasing final trim to batters, swales and parks, base layers for pavement, road pavements, road sealing, slabs, footpaths and kerbs, rock pitching, road furniture and more.

Pavement and reinstatement capabilities:

  • Bulk earthworks
  • Detailed excavation
  • Final trim earthworks
  • Roads pavements
  • Concrete slabs/driveways/footpaths
  • Asphalt
  • Kerb and Channel
  • Road furniture
  • Landscaping
  • Rock pitching
  • Plant Hire (wet)
1a - Treatment
Treatment Plant