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Bombala Sewerage Infrastructure Upgrade

The Snowy Monaro Shire Council  initiated the Bombala sewerage project to reconfigure the Bombala township’s gravity sewer and replace the major sewage pump station, along with two new pump stations. The project involved redirecting flows through the town to the replacement Timor St pump station, allowing all Bombala township flows to be discharged to the new Bombala Sewage Treatment Plant  inlet works via a single pressurised main. This also required a new pump station to service additional properties and the Bombala High School.

The project required standby pumps and emergency storage concrete tanks to prevent wet weather overflows at the Timor St pump station, replacement of the existing Bombala River syphon with a new pump station and a pipeline within the Forbes Street Bridge service duct.

Additional works included the transfer of the northern catchment flows to the Timor St pump station via a sewage pump station and rising main.

Scope of work included:

  • D&C new SPS x 3
  • Construction of 2 emergency storage tanks (6m diameter x 5m deep, 7.5m diameter x 3m deep)
  • Installation of 1.2km of DN315 PE pipe
  • Installation of 160m of DN150 PVC pipe
  • Installation of 250m of DN75 PE pipe
  • Decommission and demolition of an existing SPS and associated infrastructure.