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Multidisciplinary Design and Construct
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Pump Station Augmentation Works

Byron Bay Sewer Upgrades


FB was awarded a series of contracts in the Byron Bay area to be delivered as a single project. Works involved installation of sewer infrastructure in tight corridors, with a heavy focus on community management and stakeholder engagement.


Works Undertaken (Azalea Street SRM)

  • 500m OD250 PE rising main, cross connections to existing HDD creek crossings and existing SPS


Works Undertaken (Rising Main RM3008 D&C)

  • Detailed D&C of 1050m OD315 PE rising main
  • Directional drilling of 360m OD315 PE mains, including drilling through protected vegetation and alongside RMS controlled road corridors
  • Connections to existing pipelines and SPS


Works Undertaken (Mullumbimby Rising Main and SPS)

  • Upgrade of pumps, risers and electrical to existing pump station to meet future demand
  • Form up, reinforce and pour new valve chamber to allow for new pump station configuration
  • Directional drilling of 1040m OD225 PE rising main along RMS controlled road corridor and through protected vegetation


Highlights, Innovations and Key Risks

  • Management of community impact and interest in the project was key to the success of the project, given the proximity to private property, interruptions to services and impact on local traffic flow.
  • Use of directional drilling technologies to navigate the more congested areas of the works allowed for quicker and safer completion of the project, while minimising disturbance of the streetscape and protecting native flora along the alignment.