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Banyo C1543 Sewer Overflow Management Works


The Banyo C1543 Overflow Management Works contract was implemented to address issues in the region of wet weather events causing the local sewer networks to overflow into residential areas. Implementation of this contract would provide increased network storage, and a controlled overflow point.


Works Undertaken

  • Construction of a DN1050 PE lined RCP/DN900 GRP “double barrel” overflow storage system, approximately 340m long
  • 4 of PE lined in-situ rectangular concrete overflow chambers to 2.4m deep in roadway
  • Installation of DN100 new water service including directional drilling under state roadway
  • 342m long, OD400 PE gravity sewer main up to 2.5m deep along railway line
  • In-situ DN2400 overflow pump station and 300m OD250 rising main
  • New gravity inlet, hydroscreen chamber and connections to live network


Highlights, Innovations and Key Risks

  • Project required construction of a gravity sewer and overflow storage chamber on a busy street alongside a QR managed railway line. Effective stakeholder management was key to managing this interface.
  • Overflow main and headwall ran through environmentally sensitive area. Works needed to be conducted under existing permit conditions with no adverse effects to local fauna or flora habitat.
  • Late scope and design changes required project teams to pivot and manage the changes, while mitigating delays to the construction program.