Our Role
Time Frame
Treatment Plants
Pump Stations
Pipelines and Civil Works

Cedar Grove WWTP – Civil Works


Construction of a new greenfield wastewater treatment plant to provide wastewater treatment services to new development in the Logan region.


Works Undertaken

Construction and commissioning of:

  • 1400m3 of concrete structures, including bunded slabs, roadways, tanks, footpaths and pits
  • 2800m of chemical, water and sewer pipework ranging in size from DN90 to OD630
  • 4m deep DN3000 chemical collection structure, 6m deep DN2400 pump station and 13 manhole structures up to 4.5m deep
  • 1200m of conduit trench with over 5200m of DN50-DN150 conduit, including 42 precast pits and draw rope


Highlights, Innovations and Key Risks

  • Success of the project was contingent on working in with other subcontractors engaged directly by the Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance (LWIA)
  • Management of resources and staging of works allowed for smooth delivery over multiple work fronts
  • The greenfields site is located in an environmentally sensitive area, requiring the use and regular maintenance of environmental controls to control run-off from site. Management of these controls was completed via an Environmental Controls Map (ECM) developed by FB, in collaboration with the LWIA. This allowed for an at-a-glance review of control measures and provided a simple method to monitor the condition of these controls