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Construction of Gloucester Reservoirs and Associated Mains

The project for Midcoast Water is to improve resilience to the area’s water network during times of flood and drought. Historically, the water network has not coped during extreme weather conditions resulting in a need to truck water into the area during times of flood and drought.

The project is multi-disciplinary and involves constructing pipelines, reservoirs, disinfection, pump stations and trenchless construction through differing ground conditions.

The scope of work includes:

  • Construction of a new 300mm PVC rising main from the Gloucester Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to Cemetery Road (including an under bore of the Gloucester River), approximately 6km
  • Construction of a new gravity main from the Cemetery Road site to an existing Industrial area
  • Construction of a new ground-level 7ML service reservoir GL-RES-04 (Reservoir 4)
  • Construction of a new 0.5ML elevated service reservoir GL-RES-05 (Reservoir 5) and associated lift pump station and back-up permanent standby generator
  • Upsizing 6km of existing PVC and asbestos mains through the local water network to accommodate new upgrades
  • Construction of Cemetery Rd reservoir site pipework and associated valves and valve pits, including connections to the existing 1.5ML concrete reservoir GL-RES-03 (Reservoir 3)
  • Upgrading existing gravity mains identified in the Concept Design Report to larger diameter mains
  • Installing a new local disinfection system (chlorine boosting system) at the Cemetery Road reservoir
  • Installing valves in strategic locations within the existing water network to distinguish between the future service zones.