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Mareeba EB4 Pipeline Replacement


The EB4 Pipeline Replacement Project is part of Sunwater’s federally funded Mareeba Irrigation Scheme augmentation program. The aim of the augmentation was to upgrade deteriorated trunk infrastructure to reduce water loss and provide end user customers with an increase in scheme reliability. The EB4 portion of the program was the replacement of an existing RCP with a new PE100 pipeline, including the upgrade of property connection and flow measurement devices.


Works Undertaken

  • Clear, grub and topsoil strip
  • 680m OD800 PE100 pipeline
  • 850m OD710 PE100 pipeline
  • 1710m OD630 PE100 pipeline
  • 420m OD500 PE100 pipeline
  • 155m OD400 PE100 pipeline
  • 95m OD400 PE100 pipeline
  • 433m OD355 PE100 pipeline
  • Air and scour valves
  • 37 end user customer connections
  • Testing and commissioning


Highlights, Innovations and Key Risks

  • Customer Supply – The key project risk was maintaining water supply to existing end user customers. Due to the wide range of crops grown in the area, there was no specific timeline that would suit a full network shutdown. FB’s solution was the development of a construction methodology that maintained customer supply for the duration of the construction period, with all connections completed in a single five day shutdown period.