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Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation
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Kogan Creek Mechanical Works


FB have undertaken the design, manufacture, supply, construction and testing of 2 x new DN150 steel ash slurry line and 1 x DN80 steel water lines, electrical instrumentation and pumping systems to facilitate the transfer and disposal of ash slurry around the Kogan Creek Power Station.


Works Undertaken

Construction and commissioning of:

  • Development and certification of civil, mechanical and electrical design drawings
  • Supply and installation of 4km of DN150 Sch80 steel ash slurry pipe
  • Supply and installation of 2km of DN80 Sch80 steel ash slurry pipe
  • Installation of 1.5km of OD180 PE pipe
  • Supply and installation of inline Jindex valves and flowmeters
  • Design and fabrication of galvanised steel frames and supports
  • Design and installation of electrical instrumentation and telemetry systems
  • Installation of 240 permanent precast anchor blocks and PTFE protection


Highlights, Innovations and Key Risks

  • Shut down and live cut-over of existing ash slurry lines to enable the commissioning of newly installed ash slurry line