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Luggage Point Sewage Treatment Plant

Luggage Point Sewage Treatment Plant was experiencing hydraulic and mechanical problems with the Primary Settling Tanks operation, limiting the current treatment capacity and resulting in low-level plant redundancy and operational flexibility. The problems included flow splitting between tanks being poorly controlled and relying on low-accuracy flow sensors and manual control of penstocks that are not designed for variable flow control. This was causing different flows to each tank resulting in reduced overall performance.

Scope of work included:

  • Installation of new inlet stop boards
  • Installation of new inlet penstocks
  • Construction of new wall strengthening to tank dividing walls
  • Concrete repairs and joint replacement
  • Replacement of sludge draw-off valves
  • Demolition and removal of existing sludge and scum scraper system
  • Installation of new Zickert – shark sludge scraping system and scum scraper
  • Installation of new outlet penstocks to control the flow to the downstream bioreactors.