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Narrabri Water Supply Augmentation


The Narrabri Water Supply Augmentation Project was a large scale infrastructure improvement project delivered for the Narrabri Shire Council and funded by the New South Wales government “Water Security for Regions” Program. The pipelines package was delivered as construct only, and all pump stations, reservoirs, electrical automation and integration delivered as design and construct (D&C).


Works Undertaken

Construction and commissioning of:

  • 1km OD315 PE100 rising mains
  • 5km OD110 – OD450 PE100 trunk mains
  • 4km OD110 – OD200 PE100 fire flow mains
  • 2 x trenchless (Auger Bored) railway crossings
  • 5 x trenchless (Auger Bored) RMS road crossing
  • 3 x trenchless (HDD) RMS road crossing
  • 1 x trenchless (HDD) river crossing
  • 6km of trenchless (HDD) in built up areas to reduce impacts on landowners
  • 24 x air valves, 19 x scour valves, 87 x gate valves
  • Full mechanical and electrical D&C upgrade of existing booster pump station
  • D&C of 2 x 6ML steel panel water reservoirs
  • D&C of new pump station including all SCADA and electrical work


Highlights, Innovations and Key Risks

  • Partial D&C nature of the contract required staging of construction resource allocation and ongoing engagement of design partner
  • HDD of two trunk mains under the environmentally sensitive Narrabri Creek
  • Management of traffic flow through multiple work fronts on local and RMS controlled roads