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Toogoolawah Sewer Treatment Plant Compliance Project

The Toogoolawah Sewer Treatment Plant (STP) Compliance Project is an Urban Utilities’ Regional Treatment Program initiative. The purpose of the project was to improve STP effluent discharge outcomes by reducing discharge volumes to Vetiver Field and making recycled water available to the community for use in agricultural settings.

Scope of work included:

  • Installation of new below-ground pipework including:
    • Potable water lines
    • Process pipework for chlorine contact tanks (CCT), filtration and effluent storage supply
    • Electrical conduits
    • Cut into the vetiver field pipeline; a high-risk activity carried out under operational constraints
    • Metered discharge pipeline for community-used recycled water
    • Stormwater drainage
  • Installation of a new floating suction pontoon and floating inlet line in a high-risk area, working over water, within operational constraints
  • Installation of process tanks including effluent storage panel tank, CCTs, CCT buffer tank, and sodium hypochlorite storage tank
  • Installation of process pumping stations, including community discharge/farmers’ line, filtration pumping, CCT effluent storage pumping, and potable water booster
  • Installation of process area concrete structures including:
    • CCT founding slab
    • Filtration area founding slab
    • Effluent storage tank founding ring beam and pumping founding slab
    • Sodium hypochlorite dosing bund and founding slab
    • Sodium hypochlorite delivery bund
    • Stormwater concrete encasements.
  • Installation of safety equipment, including safety showers, wash down hoses, safety signage
  • Above ground pipe and valving installation, including all CCT, filtration, effluent pumping and storage, sodium hypochlorite dosing (including injection point) manifold and pipe transitions.